NSW: Religions for Peace NSW Branch meets

Another constructive and informative meeting of Religions for Peace took place at NSW Parliament House on February 11, 2019. Chaired in her inimitable style by Josie Lacey, historical retrospective by The Ven Gayatripani, discussion of research in to Interfaith dialogue. There was unanimous disgust at swastika graffiti in Sydney on the weekend. Many faiths, one group of friends.

Today’s meeting of Religions for Peace which Josie Lacey OAM convenes, was Hosted by the Hon Walt Secord MLC Parliament House, Sydney. Visitors at this meeting were Gerry Smith who is writing her PHD in Interfaith, and Dr Sue Ennis, who is the National Secretary of Religions for Peace Australia.

The Ven Gayatripani spoke to us about Swami Vivekananda who was at the first Parliament of World Religions in 1893 and probably the first Dialogue between East and Western Religions.


Participants at the Interfaith Meeting at Parliament House, Sydney

Independent Dr Kerryn Phelps has addressed the Australian parliament following the daubing of swastikas on the art wall at Bondi Beach which lies within her electorate of Wentworth. In her speech, Dr Kerry Phelps emphasised: “We can say no to antisemitism”.

Dr Kerryn Phelps MP told the House of Representatives:

“Last Sunday the people of Wentworth woke up to the shocking discovery that public places in Bondi Beach and Bondi Junction had been vandalised with anti-Semitic graffiti, including more than 20 swastikas on the iconic Bondi Beach murals. The swastika became the most recognisable icon of Nazi propaganda, becoming a symbol of anti-Semitism and terror. Today in Germany and other European states the public display of Nazi symbolism, including on the internet, is prohibited by law, and individuals violating such terms are subject to criminal proceedings. There is no place for anti-Semitism or any form of racism in Australia.