Walking Humbly Journey in Tasmania

Walking Humbly in the Yarra Valley

Tasmania’s Walking Humbly Journey will complete its fifth and final phase on at Upper Florentine on Monday, 3 October 2011

Tasmania is an island state in Australia which has a history of trauma – the massacres of the Aboriginal people, the cruel treatment of the convicts sent here from Britain and more recently the division of the community through policies on damming and logging. Consequently many sites around the state are traumatised.

During this year, starting on 11/1/11, an interfaith group, comprising Religions for Peace (Tas Branch) and Greenfaith Australia, have been on a Walking Humbly Journey, inspired by the preParliamentary event in November 2009, Walking Humbly to the Murray. Our purpose is to help in the healing of some of these sites.

We have completed four steps of our journey now –

  • Mount Wellington in the south,
  • Punchbowl in the north,
  • Bolton’s Beach in the east
  • Fossil Bluff in the north-west.

Walking Numbly at Bolton's Beach

Walking Humbly at Bolton’s Beach, Tasmania

We arranged to have the gathering at Fossil Bluff at 2pm on 10 September and hope to have an interfaith gathering on the next day at 9.00am, on Table Cape, to commemmorate the tenth anniversary of 9/11.

We have arranged for the last (fifth) step of the Walking Humbly Journey to be at the Upper Florentine before the last of the flowering of the Blackwood wattle, the time of the greatest power in the land, so have arranged it for Monday 3 October at 1.00-3.00pm at a site overlooking the Upper Florentine.

In the south we are leaving from the Synagogue in Argyle St, between Liverpool and Bathurst Sts, Hobart, where we are meeting at 9.20am on Monday 3 October. In the north we are leaving from the Kagyu monastery 13 Bryan Street, Invermay, 7248 (Google map is below), where Venerable Lama will offer blessings to the venture at 8.15am.

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The meeting place for all parties from all directions will be at noon on Monday 3 October at the Community Hall in Holmes St in Maydena. There are toilet facilities there (not at the site of the formal gathering place) and there will be a little while for lunch while we wait for everyone to gather.

If anyone is interested in knowing more about the event, please contact Terry on (03) 6272 6521. Terry is the Convenor of Religions for Peace (Tas Branch).

This activity is a joint activity with Greenfaith Australia

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Source: Religions for Peace, Tasmania Branch

Photo Credit: Yarra Reporter; Terry Sussmilch