Victoria: The Decline of Western Influence in the Global Order

The Australian Institute of International Affairs invites you to a talk by Dr Ian Fry on The Decline of Western Influence in the Global Order. The talk will be held at Dyason House, East Melbourne on evening of Wednesday 10 October, 2018.


The world is dividing into new alliances, with the Western Bloc becoming increasingly fragmented as other groupings emerge. As a result, the US-led hegemonic system that favours the West is dissolving and its authority declining.

With such significant global power shifts underway, Western states are witnessing the inversion of their traditional interstate relationships. Any adverse effects that these new power dynamics have will depend on the measures that the West takes to reject change or to adapt to it.

Australia is well placed to support initiatives to stabilise these rebalanced relationships, thanks to its gepolitical, cultural, economic, and academic resources. Despite this, political paralysis due to Australia’s position between the US, China, and other actors may prove a strong challenge to its future leadership in a new global order.

What global political blocs are emerging today and what are the dynamics between them? Can these actors succesfully rebalance in a peaceful way? What is Australia’s likely role in this process?

AIIA Victoria invites you to join Dr Ian Fry as he lays out his theologically-informed view of current global geopolitical realities.

Dr Ian Fry is an interfaith research and dialogue consultant, and an Honorary Postdoctoral Associate at the University of Divinity, where his research is focussed on interfaith dialogue between Christianity, Islam, Judaism and non-Abrahamic faiths. He has previously served as General Manager of Word Publishing Company, the Times of Papua New Guinea, Founding Manager and Editor of the Eastern Star for the Community Resource Development Association, also in PNG, after an earlier career in the agricultural sector.

Event Details:
Program: Dr Ian Fry, The Decline of Western Influence in the Global Order
Date: Wednesday 10 October, 2018: 6pm for 6.20pm – 7.30pm
Location: Dyason House, 124 Jolimont Road, East Melbourne
RSVP: TEL: (03) 9654 7271 or book online; link is below.
Cost: Members $20 / Non-members $30 / Student members free / Student non-members $15
Catering: Refreshments served
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