Royal Commission into Aged Care

Religions for Peace Australia (RfPA) today welcomed the announcement by the Federal Government of a Royal Commission into aged care in Australia. More than one in every three older Australians was born overseas, as per the recent Census.


The inquiry will focus on residential and in-home aged care for seniors but will also cover care for young people with disabilities who live in aged care homes.

Mr Morrison says authorities have closed one aged care centre a month since the Oakden nursing home scandal, and an increasing number are under sanction.

“Incidences of older people being hurt by failures of care simply cannot be explained or excused,” he said in a statement.

“We must be assured about how widespread these cases are.”

Next week will mark one year since South Australia’s Oakden nursing home was closed.

Following that scandal, the Federal Government has been reviewing quality of care and regulatory processes in the sector.

The terms of reference for the Royal Commission have yet to be determined.

Religions for Peace Australia notes that Aged Care ought respect the rights and needs of the aged and elderly, and that keeping the Golden Rule in mind would elicit quality age care that we all expect.


 Prime Minister has announced a Royal Commission into Aged Care