Queensland: One God Many Voices – Abrahamic Faiths Concert

Almost 200 people attended the annual evening of Jewish, Christian & Muslim Sacred Voices and Music at the ICD Griffith University on 23rd August. For the first time children from bot the Muslim and Jewish faiths joined together to render a touching rendition of the national anthem. It was also the first time that the young Jewish children sang in public. The whole group received a resounding applause.


Students from Wisdom College sang a song about diversity and then a sacred song accompanied by Imam Ghazaleh.

The Jewish children than sang their Sacred song which was applauded by all as they were enthusiastic in their second only performance in public.

This was followed by the songs sung by the trainee priests from the Banyo Seminary and concluded with the rich voices of the elderly singers from the St James old boys choir some of whom were in their eighties and ninety.

The Muslims provided the hot meal, the Jews the desserts and the Christians the drinks.

A great time was held by all as the concert was followed by a sumptuous meal.




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