Victoria: Living the Change

Living the Change is a national faith-based event curated by Australian Religious Response to Climate Change, Religions for Peace Australia and United Religions Initiative. It will be launched in many locations in Australia including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. There is also an online tool for reducing your carbon footprint as per your faith.


Living the Change celebrations, multiple locations, Oct 7 – 14 – Come along and enjoy a vegan meal. Draw spiritual strength from sharing stories of our efforts to walk more gently on the earth; make a lifestyle commitment online and receive encouragement. Like hundreds of similar events around the world, celebrations will be held in Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, Newcastle, the South Coast of NSW along with celebrations in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Many have expressed a keen interest in this year’s global faith-based initiative, Living the Change. I’m excited to announce that the long-awaited online facility through which people can make lifestyle commitments is now ready! [i] It can be found here:

No doubt you have already been reducing your carbon footprint, but some of the suggested lifestyle changes may be new for you. Please have a look and, if you haven’t already, try one or more of them. You may be interested to see the avoided emissions calculated for various suggested actions for the Australian context.

Melbourne Event
Join us in Melbourne to celebrate LIVING THE CHANGE together: creating a flourishing world for all. We gather as members of diverse faith communities and those who care for our planet to share our stories of change, transformation, and regeneration. We tap into our deepest values to find the inspiration to address climate change and support each other in the journey. Join us for an afternoon of sustenance for the heart, body and earth: music, speakers and discussion, culminating with delicious vegan food. Brought to you by Australian Religious Response to Climate Change, Religions for Peace and United Religions Initiative.

Event Details

Program: Living the Change Launch
Date: 14th October 2018, 2:30-5:15pm
Cost: Free, please book for catering purposes
Bookings Online at Trybooking
Location: Multicultural Hub, 506 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Download: a Flyer for this Event