Journey to Jerusalem 18-27 May

Rabbi Adam Stein (Kehilat Nitzan Synagogue), Rev. Dr John Dupuche (Catholic Priest, Ricketts Point), and Sheikh Riad Galil OAM (West Heidelberg Mosque) plan to lead a group on a ‘Joint Journey’ to Jerusalem in May, 2014.

The group will consist of twelve people, four from each of the three Abrahamic faiths, comprising clergy and lay people, men and women. Dates: Sunday, 18 May to Tuesday, 27 May 2014.

The purpose of the trip is to visit each other’s sacred places in Jerusalem, to study texts from our sacred writings, to discuss points of agreement and disagreement, and so sense the religious experience that is proper to our faiths. In short, the group will truly ‘meet’ in the City which is sacred to all three traditions.

The group will come together several times before the trip and also, following the trip, communicate the impact of their experiences with their respective religious communities and the broader community. In this imaginative way Jerusalem will show how it is indeed a City of Peace’, as its name suggests.


The publicity and application form for the 2014 Joint Journey to Jerusalem can be downloaded here. Applications are now open. Places are extremely limited and subject to strict criteria. Applications may be returned to the Ecumenical and Interfaith Commission ( to forward to the organisers.

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Jerusalem from Mt Olives

Jerusalem from Mt Olives


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