Pre-Assembly events, Vienna


On 19 November members of the global networks of religious women and religious youth met in Vienna for pre – Assemblies to begin the work of the 9th World Assembly of Religions for Peace .

The theme of the Assembly is Welcoming the Other.

Women and youth leaders addressed their respective network delegates and discussed how their religious communities and networks can counter rising hostilities toward the other.

Each pre Assembly discussed ways that religious communities can welcome the other by advancing human dignity, shared well – being, and a more robust notion of citizenship. Dr. Parichart Suwanbubbha, Co – Secretary of Religions for Peace, Thailand, asked delegates of the religious women’s network, “How can women welcome the other and transform each other by affirming the human dignity of the other?” Ms. Layla Alkhafaji, Director of International Relations at Al Hakim Foundation in Iraq, said that, “Welcoming the other strengthens my own faith.”


Particpants in the Women’s Pre-Assembly


Particpants in the Women’s Pre-Assembly


Particpants in the Youth Pre-Assembly

Lawrence Chong, moderator, Religions for Peace Asia & Pacific Interfaith Youth Network, challenged Youth delegates, “Religions for Peace Youth both individually and institutionally, need to mobilize in order to make an impact on the world.”

Each pre – Assembly then organized into four working groups to formulate recommendations on how to address the commission themes of the 9 th World Assembly: conflict prevention and transformation; just and harmonious societies; human development that respects the earth; and religious and multi – religious education.


Particpants in the Youth Pre-Assembly


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