2013 Report of RfP NSW

Religions for Peace New South Wales continues to meet regularly in the NSW Parliament House for prayer and reflection together with input from selected speakers.

NSW Chair for RfP in NSW, Josie Lacey, reports that the NSW Branch continues to meet at Parliament House and their numbers are very satisfying. The guest speaker at the last meeting was Peter Khalil. Membership has been quick to respond with the annual membership fee.

RfP are supporting ( and I am helping organise) the June 19 launch of the educational poster That Fr Patrick McInerney is promoting – The Golden Rule Poster. See here.

RfP NSW will also support a national forum and Baha’i prayer meeting at Parliament House on 7th May for the imprisioned members of their fa


The NSW chapter has great representation from all major Religions, and we help and support each other when asked, which bodes well for the success we are experiencing.

RfP NSW has nominated the chair, Josie Lacey to be a delegate to the RfP Conference in Vienna, with husband Ian and Imam Amin Hady to be observers. (Josie is fluent in German.)

Josie Lacey, OAM, has served as Chair, Religions for Peace NSW Branch, for many years.

Mrs Josie Lacey with members of Religions for Peace NSW at a recent meeting