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Religions for Peace is the largest international coalition of representatives from the world’s religions dedicated to promoting peace founded in 1970. In Australia, Religions for Peace is established with Branches and affiliates in every state. It is rapidly becoming the peak interfaith organisation of Australia. Membership is open to all persons of goodwill who seek peace around the world and who seek to build cooperation, harmony and understanding between the religions and faith groups in Australia.


Membership of Religions for Peace Australia is open to all persons of faith and goodwill who are interested in and committed to global peace across the world and to social cohesion in Australia, especially between the faith traditions. There is an annual membership fee, currently at $40, set each year at the Annual General Meeting generally held in April/May. There is a concession rate also. ($20)

Payment may be made either by Cheque or online – BSB information, a/c details, etc., are on the forms)

If you wish to become a member, please download the membership form. The constitution stipulates it must be signed by another RfP Australia member. If this is impossible, please write a short resume of two or three hundred words and have it countersigned by a referee, preferably a religious adherent.

New Members

Download the Membership Form (for new members)

Membership Renewal

Annual Membership renewal is due before the Annual General Meeting. (approx May 2017)

Download the Membership Renewal Form (for existing members)

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