Victoria: Religious Response to Family Violence

ccjvThe Council of Christians and Jews (Victoria) will conduct a seminar on Religious Response to Family Violence From a Jewish and a Christian Perspective at St Peter’s Church Hall, East Melbourne on Sunday 14 August 2016.

The Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence has made efforts to ensure that the faith communities of Victoria are adequately informed about the causes of domestic violence.

Research in Australia has discovered that domestic violence committed by men against women is also greater in communities with more traditional patriarchal (‘macho’) ideals of masculinity, and strictly defined gender roles around paid work (for men) and unpaid work (for women) – be it for religious, cultural, or other reasons. For example, there is evidence that in regional Australia, more rigid gender roles – combined with increased alcohol consumption – is a cause of increased domestic violence compared with cities. There is also evidence that there is more support for violence among Australians from countries in which the main language spoken is not English.

The Council of Christians and Jews (Victoria) would like to invite you to Religious Response to Family Violence From a Jewish and a Christian Perspective. Jews and Christians all face the threat of violence in the home and against women and children. Our speakers will talk about the different sensibilities their organisations encountered to set up their anti-violence programs.


Dr Ree Boddé and Deborah Weiner

About the speakers:

Dr Ree Boddé (PhD) is Program Director of Think Prevent, a violence prevention program of Kempster Consultants. Dr Boddé is a violence prevention practitioner and also a research associate of the University of Divinity.

Deborah Weiner practices in the area of Family Law with an emphasis on children’s matters. She has appeared in many cases involving family violence and sexual abuse. She is an accredited mediator and has also appeared in many stalking cases and has published widely and spoken at conferences in that area. Outside of the Bar, she is Chair of the Jewish Taskforce Against Family Violence and has written many articles, spoken at conferences and been on radio in relation to issues of family violence.

Event Details

Date: Sunday 14 August 2016
Time: 3pm
Location: St Peter’s Church Hall – 15 Gisborne Street, East Melbourne, 3002
Cost: $10 including Kosher afternoon tea.
Bookings: Please advise the CCJ office if you are attending on (03) 9429 5212 or email:


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