International: Statement of Solidarity

Religions for Peace On the occasion of Eid-al-Fitr (the conclusion of the month of Ramadan) Religions for Peace stands in soldarity will all practitioners of Islam and with all – in every faith and in every region on Earth – who seek tolerance, respect, understanding and harmony among the peoples of Earth. Secretary General William Vendley gives a message of solidarity.

5 July 2016

Dear Colleague:

Sincere religious believers in Religions for Peace – representing all major religious traditions and every region of the world – extend heartfelt sympathy and stand in prayerful solidarity with all those suffering from the cruel and senseless recent acts of terror unleashed on innocent civilians in Bangladesh, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other countries.

We condemn these utterly reprehensible terrorist attacks that took the lives of hundreds of innocent civilians, including children, and left several hundreds more wounded.

It saddens us unspeakably whenever religion is twisted and distorted to justify violence. We remain committed to redoubling our efforts to categorically rejecting and confronting the abuse of religion in support of violence.

Further, we are committed to supporting Religions for Peace multi-religious affiliates in the Middle East Asia, Europe and around the world to serve as ever more effective instruments in building bridges of peace.

Yours in solidarity,

New Dr. Vendley Signature

Dr. William F. Vendley
Secretary General
Religions for Peace International

Religions for Peace is the world’s largest and most representative multi-religious coalition advancing common action for peace by working to advance multi-religious consensus on positive aspects of peace as well as concrete actions to stop war, help eliminate extreme poverty and protect the earth. The global Religions for Peace network comprises a World Council of senior religious leaders from all regions of the world; six regional inter-religious bodies and more than ninety national ones; and the Global Women of Faith Network and Global Interfaith Youth Network.

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