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The Centre for Dialogue at Latrobe University specialises in the philosophy, method and practice of dialogue between communities, cultures, religions and civilisations.

The focus of the Centre for Dialogue is largely concentrated on inter-cultural, inter-religious conflict and inter-civilisational conflict, as well as the researching of practical methods of dialogue which may encourage peaceful resolutions to conflict and mechanisms for cooperation.


The mission of the Centre has five key elements:

  • to engage in pure and applied research of international standing that addresses the challenges of and opportunities for dialogue presented by cultural, religious and political diversity – locally, nationally and internationally;
  • to conduct educational and training courses and projects designed to promote cultural literacy and the philosophy, practice and method of dialogue in schools and institutions of higher and continuing education;
  • to be involved in community engagement aimed at nurturing inter-ethnic, intercultural and inter-religious dialogue and co-operation;
  • to forge international partnerships, exchanges and collaborative projects, with a focus on Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North America; and
  • to collaborate with and offer policy advice to, governmental bodies, international agencies and community organisations.


Centre for Dialogue Connections

Global Change, Peace & Security is a scholarly journal that addresses the difficult practical and theoretical questions posed by the sheer scale and complexity of contemporary change. More specifically, it analyses the sources and consequences of conflict, violence and insecurity, but also the conditions and prospects for conflict transformation, peace keeping and peace-building. You may peruse this journal here

Connections is the Centre for Dialogue’s biannual newsletter. The newsletter aims to inform readers of the Centre’s past, present and future activities. It also attempts to engage the reader with the broader issues that set the background for the Centre’s work. This publication includes a number of intercultural and interreligious topics. You can download recent copies of Connections here

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