Understanding the Gülen Movement

Fetullah Gullen with Pope John Paul II

A common inquiry about the Gülen Movement is: where does the money come from? This topic will be addressed at a Gullen Luncheon Forum by Dr David Tittensor.

The Gulen luncheon forums are designed to cultivate friendship, celebrate diversity, strengthen civic dialogue and society and deepen inter-cultural awareness and understanding among the many diverse ethnic and civil communities in Australia.

Our Luncheon Forum will welcome Dr David Tittensor to present a keynote speech ‘Understanding the Gülen Movement‘ on Thursday 11 October 2012 between 12:00 and 1:30 pm.

The Luncheon Forums provide information on inter-cultural & public issues important to Australians and help to build ever-lasting and strong friendship and relationship among Australia’s very diverse set of ethnic and cultural communities.

A common inquiry about the Gülen Movement is: where does the money come from? This is due to the fact that the Movement has an estimated value of $25 billion – a figure that dwarfs the combined revenues of both World Vision and Caritas, two of the largest Christian NGOs – and the belief that an NGO cannot legitimately obtain such wealth. However, the question is based on a misunderstanding. This is because the Movement is not a member of the ‘third sector’ as much of the literature contends. Rather, I argue that the Movement is a mixture of charity and business, which is best characterised by Muhammad Yunus’ concept of the ‘social business’, and represents the beginning of the ‘fourth sector’.

For more information on the Gülen Movement please visit: http://www.fethullahgulen.org/about-fethullah-gulen/an-analysis-of-the-gulen-movement.html

  • Date:  Thursday 11 October 2012
  • Time:   12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
  • Location:Australian Catholic University,
    Boardroom 5.15,
    Level 5,
    250 Victoria Parade, East Melbourne
  • Refreshments:    A light luncheon will be served.
  • Keynote Speaker: Dr David Tittensor
    Research Associate, Centre for Dialogue, La Trobe University Dr David Tittensor is a Research Associate at the Centre for Dialogue, La Trobe University. He completed his Doctoral dissertation entitled ‘The Gülen Movement: Muslim Educational Activism in Turkey and Abroad’ at Monash University (2011), which examined the ideo-theology and practice of the Movement. He has published a number of articles on the Movement with his most recent entitled: ‘The Gülen movement and the case of a secret agenda: putting the debate in perspective’ Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations 23(2): 163-79. David’s research interests are Muslim movements, religion and development, Turkish politics and society, and the Middle East.

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