Intercultural Understanding Masterclass

The Asia Education Foundation in partnership with the Together for Humanity Foundation are proud to present the Intercultural Understanding Masterclass a one-day professional learning program for all primary and secondary teachers and school leaders who want to lead change in their school community. This program has an element of interfaith education.

In today’s increasingly connected world, navigating different cultural contexts has become an essential life skill for young Australians. More than ever, students, teachers and school leaders are exposed to local and global news events that challenge their notions of culture, cultural difference and respect for diversity.

Attending the 2016 AEF Intercultural Understanding Masterclass will provide you with resources to lead the development of intercultural understanding in your school and address the requirements of the Australian Curriculum (Opens in a new window).

This one-day program is appropriate for primary and secondary school leaders and teachers of all subjects looking to equip their students with the intercultural understanding and confidence to navigate a global world. It offers a timely opportunity to engage with expert speakers and explore key teaching resources.

You will complete the program better equipped to help students negotiate the increasingly complex world around them and develop strategies to:

– Teach respect for, and engagement with, different cultures

– Foster and build community cohesion

– Encourage students to debate complex cultural topics with confidence

– Support students in critiquing and challenging information

– Facilitate difficult conversations with students about difficult issues

Distinguished guest speakers include:

– Ms Anooshe Mushtaq, Associate Member of the Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence Officers (AIPIO)

– Rabbi Zalman Kastel, National Director of the Multi-Faith based Together for Humanity Foundation

– Dr Anne W. Bunde-Birouste, Founding Director of Football United, State Finalist Australia’s Local Hero 2016, Senior Lecturer and Convener of the Heath Promotion Program at the University of New South Wales

– Ms Dai Le, Named one of AFR-Westpac’s Top 100 Influential Women in Australia and Founder of Diverse Australasian Women’s Network (DAWN)

– Ms Linda O’Brien AM, Principal, Co-chair of the School for Life Foundation and Doctorate of Education candidate at Western Sydney University researching effective educational leadership for social cohesion through curriculum innovation and teacher professional learning

– Mr Matthew Roden, Creative Projects Manager at the Sydney Story Factory

When: Thursday, 21 April, 9:30am – 3:30pm
Where: Sports Centre, Sydney Olympic Park
Registrations Close: Friday, 16 April, 5pm

To read more about the program, please visit: Intercultural Understanding Masterclass

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At the AEF Intercultural Understanding Masterclass you will:

** Discuss the link between intercultural understanding and positive local and global engagement with members of Buddhist, Islamic and Christian communities

** Explore curriculum resources and support networks available to enhance your learning & teaching strategies

** Potential scope for field trips to places of cultural and faith based importance to develop cultural dexterity