Darebin Interfaith Council

Darebin Interfaith CouncilThe City of Darebin (inner Melbourne) is seeking new members for the Darebin Interfaith Council. The Darebin Interfaith Council provides strategic advice to Council on issues affecting faith communities, informing Council decision-making about policy, programs, and services.

Come and Join the Darebin Interfaith Council!

We are currently seeking new members to join our Darebin Interfaith Council.

Applications are open until 01 March 2024.

Please note that these are volunteer roles.

Refer to the Terms of Reference attached for more information about the role and time requirements.

From the Terms of Reference:

The purpose of this Committee is to provide advice and recommendations to Council in relation to:

  • Creating opportunities for dialogue between religious leaders and community members of diverse faith backgrounds.
  • Providing leadership on matters pertaining to interfaith relations,interfaith understanding and cooperation in the City of Darebin.
  • Promoting the work of interfaith collaboration and interfaith understanding for the City of Darebin.
  • Acting as a source of information and advice to Darebin City Council and the Darebin community on interfaith related matters.
  • Facilitating the active engagement of Darebin City Council with its religious leaders and communities of faith.
  • Providing opportunities for the Darebin Interfaith Council to support the Darebin Council with the implementation of its Equity and Inclusion Policy and to participate in Council’s consultations, programs, policy developments and community engagement processes.
  • Promoting social harmony and cohesion between diverse faith communities and the protection of human rights.
  • Working towards eliminating racial and religious prejudice, intolerance and vilification.

To apply: Please submit an expression of interest. You can also contact Darebin’s Interfaith and Multicultural Officer to submit your application in a way that is more accessible for you.

To find out more about this opening, please contact: Ana L.Gálvez, Interfaith and Multicultural Officer, by Mobile at 0409 191 100 or Email: atana.galvez@darebin.vic.gov.au


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