Intercultural and Global Citizenship Education

AFS Intercultural Programs, Australia (AFS Australia), Asia Society Australia and SIETAR Australasia are pleased to present the second Asia Pacific International Forum on intercultural and global citizenship education to be held in Perth at the University Club of WA from 16 to 18 March, 2016.

The Forum will examine how developing intercultural understanding and global citizenship capabilities will better equip individuals and society to meet the needs of education, business and communities in the 21st century.

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“Key themes will include:”

1. Defining Global Citizenship Education and why it is urgently needed. Establish a common foundation for discussion of major areas of impact, delivering Global Citizenship Education and evaluating its impact, reflecting recent UN/UNESCO focus.

2. Addressing major divides: Exploring intercultural issues for indigenous communities and how intercultural learning can bridge faith based differences.

3. Lifting the profile of intercultural learning and global competence in modern educational practice: the way forward in securing Global Citizenship Education.

4. Educational mobility and global competence: Understanding and measuring how study abroad enhances Global Citizenship Education.

5. Exploring the diverse, innovative pedagogies and assessment approaches to Global Citizenship Education.

6. Recommended Global Citizenship Education goals and strategies to achieve them.