Sultana’s Dream – May 2012

Mosaic Square from Sultana's Dream

The latest issue – May 2012 – of Sultana’s Dream is available for reading. The editorial takes up the issue of the role of muslims in Australian pioneer history.

The editorial raises the issue of the role of muslims in Australian history and the recent muslim cultural initiatives in Australia, such as the foundation of the Australian Muslim Museum.

There is an interesting article called Rise and Shine, which addresses the common experience of young muslim women seeking employment:

“Are you here to pick something up?”

‘No’, she replies ‘I’m here to apply for the legal assistant position.’

For young, well educated, practising Muslim women, this is a common reaction in Australia. The hijab is still mainly associated with a low socio-economic, migrant background. The typical first response in the more affluent areas of Australia is to speak slowly, carefully, and in a slightly annoyed tone, because it’s assumed that the woman in the hijab has poor English, will be difficult to deal with and take up valuable time.

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