The Psychology of Spirituality

Australian Psychological Society

The Psychology of Spirituality is a seminar which will be conducted by the Australian Psychological Society on 17 June 2012

This seminar will focus on an often misunderstood area of psychology, spirituality and its implications within therapy. The word ‘spirituality’ being so loaded that we often forget that it can simply mean bringing heart back into our work. Cognitive (head) and emotional (belly) intelligence are strong themes for Western psychology, leaving the spiritual (heart) line of intelligence somehow lost within their wake. Themes include emphasis on the importance of presence and mindfulness, interdependence and interconnectedness, the integration of light and dark (trauma), becoming integrally informed and reaching our highest potential by leading from the heart.

This seminar will explore:

  • the benefits of integrating Western psychology with an Eastern contemplative approach while discovering the similarities within the core values of many religions
  • how self- development is understood via the latest trajectories of spiritual development through several distinct stages
  • the connection between object relations theory and spirituality
  • how spirituality can go wrong (the dark side of spiritual growth), and how to differentiate between mysticism and madness

Venue: Mind Body Health Centre, 23 Gladstone Street (at rear), Moonee Ponds, Vic.

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Source: Australian Psychological Society

Photo Credit: APS