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Religions for Peace InternationalSupporting and cultivating humanitarian interfaith action lies at the core of the Multi-religious Humanitarian Fund – an initiative forged during the COVID-19 pandemic — but built to outlast it. The Fund supports and encourages diverse religious communities to work together in their frontline efforts to respond to humanitarian crises.

Though the year may be ending, the unprecedented challenges that have made life desperately difficult across the globe this year still remain. The COVID-19 pandemic is far from over – a fact that resonates especially strong among the world’s most vulnerable populations. People from every religious background are contending with the pandemic in spaces defined by poverty or persecution or discord. For them, this crisis is far from over. It is obvious the virus does not discriminate based on religion or race. Our responses to it should not either.

The emotional and physical toll of the crisis is compounded by shortages in supplies, lack of access to healthcare, and ethnic and religious strife on the ground. Whole economies have been gutted, and along with them the livelihoods of countless families. We are united across the globe in our suffering – and so we should be united in our response as well.

Religions for Peace is working for a world where all religions cooperate as one in the face of adversity. Where religious communities use the strengths of their faith in conjunction with, and not against, other communities in addressing the world’s ailments. This year, like we have for the last 50 years, we have done just that.

RfP aid to PeruThis year in Peru, husband and wife, Magdaloys and Nolbis – who fled to the country from Cuba – partnered with Religions for Peace’s Multi-religious Humanitarian Fund to provide hundreds of other refugee families, stranded without government assistance during the pandemic, with relief packages of food, sanitary supplies, and other forms of assistance.

Religions for Peace interfaith youth committeeIn the Philippines, a Religions for Peace interfaith youth committee, working with the support of local churches, mosques, and Buddhist temples, provided humanitarian relief to four hundred struggling people.

Interreligious Council of AlbaniaIn Albania, the Muslim and Christian leaders of our Interreligious Council of Albania worked together to deliver much needed supplies to families who, struggling to rebuild after a devasting earthquake, where especially affected by COVID-19. 

These are just a few of the efforts we’ve pursued to bring religions together for the greater good. In 2020 and on every corner of the globe, different religious groups committed to cooperation and service beyond self. We intend to do even more next year. And with your help and support, we can.

If COVID-19 does not see differences between religions and communities then we must face our everyday reality by building together as one. Every gift amount you give matters; no contribution is ever too small. Religions for Peace offers an easy and secure option to make a donation online.

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Interreligious Council of Albania
the Muslim and Christian leaders of our Interreligious Council of Albania worked together to deliver much needed supplies to families