Asia-Pacific Consultation on Women, Faith, and Diplomacy

Asian Conference on Religion and PeaceThe Asian Conference of Religions for Peace (RfPA is an affiliate of this group) program for Asia-Pacific Consultation on Women, Faith, and Diplomacy starts 12 noon -15.30 Tokyo time October 23rd Friday and 24th Saturday. This means it starts at 2 pm in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. The program is open to anyone to attend.

Religions for Peace is partnering with the Foundation Peace Dialogue of the World Religions and Civil Society (Ring for Peace) to deliver the first international Assembly on Women, Faith and Diplomacy, which will be convened from 10-13 November 2020.

As preparation for this international Assembly on Women, Faith and Diplomacy, regional assemblies of Religions for Peace will prepare and send local consultations.

Men and women of faith spanning all religions, and regions, play critical roles in ensuring peace and security, development, and human rights. Women of faith, as professionals in diverse fields, as religious leaders in their own right, and as leaders in their religious and civic communities, embody and provide contributions and perspectives which are critical to successful interventions in each and every human endeavour. In a world that is confronted with a multitude of challenges, multi-lateral collaboration between different stakeholders is needed now more than ever. While diplomacy in itself is a timeless skill, the need for renewed, refined and urgent diplomacy could not be greater in the face of our global challenges.

The Assembly will focus on the nexus of women, faith and diplomacy, giving prominence to women’s respective roles and contributions, and highlighting their leadership. The Assembly will identify challenges, nuance responsibilities, and showcase successes in the field of multi-religious peacebuilding as well as international development. Diplomacy in this context also includes informal structures, such as Track 2 Negotiations, in which many women of faith often play essential roles in their local communities to build peace, advance human development and uphold and protect human rights.

Objectives of the Assembly on Women, Faith & Diplomacy

  • Strengthen global leadership by increasing awareness of, and engagement with, faith-inspired and faith-based women as well as interfaith youth representatives, and religious communities in general, and with a view to the consequences of the global pandemic in particular.
  • Provide an inclusive networking platform for the voices, perspectives, and experiences of women of faith with diverse multi-stakeholders from media, diplomatic corps, civil society and international development sectors.
  • Showcase select multi-religious and multi-stakeholder initiatives which strengthen collaboration, and create innovative synergies aimed at: sustainable environment; gender equality; interreligious education; peaceful, just and inclusive societies; and freedom of thought, conscience and belief.

Religions for Peace Australia and the Asian Conference on Religion and Peace, invites women (and youth) to participate.

Topic: Asian Consultation on Women, Faith and Diplomacy

Date/Time: October 23-24th;
Time: 2 pm in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide.
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