World Interfaith Harmony Week – Perth

World Interfaith Harmony Week

Brahma Kumaris will be celebrating World Interfaith Harmony Week in Perth on Saturday, 4 February.

Brahma Kumaris Australia cordially invites you to a special afternoon to Celebrate World Interfaith Harmony Week

The purpose of this event is to help raise awareness of our Universal Family.

The Universe is diverse, yet feelings, emotions, desires and dreams are quiet similar all over the world.

When one learns to see everyone as a brother or sister who feels joy and pain in much the same way as one does, the outer garb – the cloaks of race, religion and colour fade into insignificance.

The program will include speeches, prayers, meditation and music.

  • Date: Saturday 4 February 2012
  • Time: 4.00pm-6.00pm
  • Venue: King’s Park Women’s Memorial Fountain
  • Email: eszauter at Ph. 9306 2559

Pioneer Womens Memorial Fountain, Kings Park, Perth

Pioneer Womens Memorial Fountain, Kings Park, Perth

Source: Brahma Kumaris, Western Australia

Photo Credit:World Interfaith Harmony Week, Flickr