Centre for Interfaith Understanding’s Mohamed Imran talks gratitude, compassion and Eid

Malabar Mosque

Eid al-Fitr is a celebration from which all faiths can learn, where community, reflection and gratitude are at its core.

To delve deeper into the significance of this auspicious occasion and its broader implications for interfaith understanding and inclusivity, Diplomatic Network (Asia) is honored to have spoken to Mohamed Imran Mohamed Taib.

Imran is the founder and executive director of Dialogue Centre and a founding board member of Centre for Interfaith Understanding. Both are interfaith organizations with an inclusive and progressive approach toward diversity in Singapore.

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The Universal Beauty of God: Transcending Religions and Cultures

Dr. Adis DuderijaThe concept of God and the perception of divine beauty have been intertwined with various religions and cultures throughout human history. However, it is important to recognise that the beauty of God is not confined to any particular religious tradition or cultural framework. Instead, the beauty of God is a universal reality that transcends these boundaries, offering a source of awe, inspiration, and connection for people of all backgrounds. Dr Adis Duderija seeks to explore the notion that the beauty of God is not limited to specific religions or cultures but is a unifying force that can be appreciated and celebrated by all.

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Vatican official to speak on Interreligious Dialogue in Parramatta

Cardinal Michael Fitzgerald M.Afr.OBEThe Columban Centre for Christian-Muslim Relations and the Diocese of Parramatta will welcome Cardinal Michael Fitzgerald M.Afr.OBE on Wednesday 8 May 2024 for a free public lecture entitled: “Interreligious Dialogue in our Day: 60 Years after Nostra Aetate” at St Patrick’s Cathedral Hall, Parramatta.

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Steps Leading Towards Harmony: World Interfaith Harmony Week Lecture

World Interfaith Harmony Week Logo - smallReligions for Peace Australia and Canberra Interfaith Forum hosted the annual World Interfaith Harmony Week Lecture at Parliament House, Canberra on 28 February 2024. The Guest Speaker was Dr. Pal Dhall, International speaker and presenter on Human Values with experience integrating ethics and human values of mankind’s religions to create harmony and peace in society and culture.

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Conference Report: Raising our Tribal Voice for Justice – An Indigenous Theological Revolution

Raising our Tribal Voice for Justice: An Indigenous Theological Revolution

This report focuses on a groundbreaking four-day conference held under the auspices of the School of Indigenous Studies established in 2022 by the University of Divinity. Conference Report: Raising our Tribal Voice for Justice was a four-day conference held 5-8 February 2024, at St Paschal’s College, Box Hill, Victoria. This report is provided by Emeritus Professor Des Cahill, President – Religions for Peace Australia, Moderator – Asian Conference of Religions for Peace.

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Our Earth – how do we work together to heal the devastation of war and create hope for our children?

Palestine Museum of Natural HistoryA talk will be given by visiting Palestinian Christian ecologist, Professor Mazin Qumsiyeh on Monday evening, 22 April 2024. This interfaith gathering is a collaboration between Interfaith Matters! Forum, Multifaith SA and Religions for Peace Australia.

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Awe and dread: How religions have responded to total solar eclipses over the centuries

Eclipse seen over a church roof

Throughout history, solar eclipses have had profound impact on adherents of various religions around the world. They were viewed as messages from God or spiritual forces, inducing emotions ranging from dread to wonder.

Ahead of the total solar eclipse that will follow a long path over North America on Monday, here’s a look at how several of the world’s major religions have responded to such eclipses over the centuries and in modern times.

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