Offer a Meal Movement


We are pleased today to announce the launching of Religion for Peace’s Offer a Meal Movement – a global campaign in solidarity with poverty-stricken people around the world.

The “Offer a Meal Movement” builds solidarity and shared well-being. It is based upon the gentle and mysterious power of small acts of compassion, love and prayer. These acts can help others in great need and also help transform the person who makes them. They can be practiced by anyone. Each religion has its own way of encouraging them.

The heart of the movement is to skip a meal a couple of times a month in solidarity with-and prayer for-those suffering from hunger, extreme poverty or violent conflict. The value of any meals skipped is then donated to help address human suffering and build peace.

Joining the Offer a Meal Movement is a modest, but genuine way of uniting your prayer and action. For almost 40 years, it has expressed the “generosity of spirit” that is the hallmark of Religions for Peace and seeded our most successful work.

Let your conscience lead you. You can join this movement at any level you wish, and then donate the value of your skipped meals.

If you do, you will help the world’s religious communities to work together to address human suffering and build peace. Religions for Peace will use your donation to reach those in need through its family of over 92 (and growing) national and regional inter-religious councils. Some are in the poorest countries on earth, others in countries torn by violent conflict. These councils are animated by a profound care for people that crosses all boundaries. And, these councils are effective because they engage volunteers in local churches, mosques, temples, gurdwaras, shrines and other religious community centers that are already in touch with those in great need.

People who are suffering are often extremely generous to those around them. Your offering will provide help, and it will further fuel the generosity of those you help. In addition, your joining the “Offering a Meal Movement” will inspire others to do so as well. The good you do will be an invitation for others to do the same. Acts of kindness-thankfully-are highly contagious.

Join the “Offer a Meal Movement” with the simple act of giving up a meal out of your love, compassion and prayer for others.

We sincerely invite you to try it.


Join the Religions for Peace Offer a Meal Movement