ACARA-REENA Roundtable

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On the 16th November 2011, the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA), in partnership with the Religion and Ethics Education Network Australia (REENA) convened a Roundtable on the ‘Place of Religion and Ethics in the National Curriculum’.

ACARA Chair Professor Barry McGaw, ACARA Deputy Chair Tony Mackay and ACARA Deputy CEO and General Manager of Curriculum Robert Randall all welcomed the opportunity to begin discussions with REENA members – including scholars, educators and leaders from religious and non-religious communities – on the most appropriate place for education about diverse worldviews in the National Curriculum.

Several options were canvassed including: a dedicated subject on worldviews education; emphasising studies of diverse worldviews within the General Capability of Intercultural Understanding by expanding it to Intercultural and Interreligious Understanding; and/or including studies of diverse worldviews within Civics and Citizenship education.

ACARA will produce the first draft of a summary of yesterday’s consultation, in partnership with REENA, and then this document will be circulated to all REENA members. According to Barry McGaw, this will form the basis for a National Consultation on this theme. Watch this space!

You can read more about the role of religion in Victorian Government Schools.

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Source: Religions for Peace Australia

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