Prize Announcement 2015 – World Interfaith Harmony Week

World Interfaith Harmony Week

The World Interfaith Harmony Week, through the grace of the King of Jordan – King Abdullah II – annually offers a prize to the event that most effectively promotes interfaith harmony in any country. Results are in for this years winners of the King Abdullah II Prize for World Interfaith Harmony Week 2015.

The judges received 93 applications for the prize from over 900 events held in total. The judges are highly appreciative of all the efforts of all those who held events and applied for the prize. They wish they could reward all who held an event, but are consoled by the fact that good deeds are their own reward so that everyone who held an event—whether they applied for the prize or not—is a true winner.

In judging, the judges were mindful particularly of those who had the courage to hold events in areas marked by recent interfaith tension or conflicts. They took into consideration efforts made despite scantiness of resources, but also took into consideration the excellence of efforts. They further took into consideration whether events were consistent with the text of the U.N. Resolution establishing the Prize. Accordingly, judges did not reward movements towards religious syncretism but rather rewarded events which respected each religion as it is. Finally, in accordance with the terms of the Prize, judges rewarded events specifically celebrating the World Interfaith Harmony Week rather than good interfaith work in general.

You can read more about the Prizewinners for 2015 here.

World Interfaith Harmony Week ~ Love of the Good, Love of the Neighbour