World Day of Prayer and Action for Children

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How we care for our most vulnerable – our children – is how we express our faith, hope and confidence in our future. World Day of Prayer and Action for Children calls for an end to violence against Children.

8 November 2011

Dear Esteemed Colleague,

Warm greetings.

Each of our faith traditions calls us to cherish children with especial joy.

Our various traditions recognise—each in their own way—that children have not only the full dignity of being persons, but also that the special state of childhood calls all of us to honor and protect children and to provide to them the help and support they need as children.

Sadly, violence afflicts millions of children who are, all too often, not protected and not given the help they need and deserve. As religious people, we know this is wrong. We can do more than protest these failures; we also can both pray for and take positive action to help children.

Thus, it is a particular joy to call on the entire Religions for Peace movement to take part in the World Day of Prayer and Action for Children (the World Day) that coincide with the Universal Children’s Day on November 20. Let me ask that each national and regional affiliate of Religions for Peace consider advancing its own ways of participating in this wonderful global initiative. In addition, every individual member of Religions for Peace is also invited to engage in special “prayer and action” for children on this day. Let each pray according to their own tradition and each act as they can.

The theme of the World Day for the period 2011-2013 is to Stop Violence against Children. Some of the “take action” projects to prevent violence against children include:

  • Positive parenting projects on non-violent child rearing techniques
  • Birth registration drives for child protection
  • Campaigns against early marriage to empower girls and families
  • And, the countless acts of prayer and action that every person can do as a believer

To help with designing special events, interfaith services and “take action” activities, please visit: You will find excellent background materials on this site.

We are united in our commitment to harness our collective energies to celebrate, support and protect children. Accept my heartfelt appreciation for undertaking this important action. Also, please let me know about the ways you have been able to participate in the World Day of Prayer and Action for Children.

Yours in partnership, I remain


New Dr. Vendley Signature

Dr. William F. Vendley
Secretary General

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Source: Religions for Peace

Image Credit: World Day of Prayer for Children