“Gun Violence Must End Now:” World Council of Churches stands in solidarity with USA churches

Fake tombstonesThe World Council of Churches (WCC) is standing in solidarity with the National Council of Churches of Christ in the USA and WCC member churches in the USA as they demand an end to gun violence, racist rhetoric, and white supremacy.

In a 4 August statement entitled “Gun Violence Must End Now,” the National Council of Churches of Christ in the USA called for prayers for those affected by the shootings and for the soul of the entire nation.

“Once again, we commit ourselves to supporting measures that will reduce and prevent gun violence,” the statement reads. “We are deeply discouraged by the awareness of the near certainty that our elected officials will not respond in any meaningful way to this violence, for they are collectively and shamefully within the captivity of the gun lobby.”

Elected leaders are guilty of negligence and cowardice, the statement notes. “Incendiary language from leaders also must be boldly and consistently condemned and countered,” the text reads. “Racist, inflammatory rhetoric must be replaced by words and deeds that create beloved communities, ones that embrace ethnic, racial, and religious diversity.”

Read the National Council of Churches USA statement


Fake tombstones
Fake tombstones placed along the East River by members of the Control Arms Coalition to coincide with a diplomatic conference on the future Arms Trade Treaty in New York, 2012.Photo: Andrew Kelly/Control Arms