Queensland: Muslim communities invite public into Mosques

Meeting in Logan Mosque

The Muslim community in Brisbane is working hard trying to distance itself from radicals. The Logan Muslim community said it had been targeted by abuse and discrimination since Australia’s terror alert level was raised last week.

Police Commissioner Mr Ian Stewart said everyone had a right to live in peace.

“Within all cultures there’s bad people, within all cultures there’s criminals – what we need to do as Queenslanders and Australians is to work together right across our whole community to rid ourselves of that scourge,” he said.

Mosque spokesman Rami Antar said it was a time for tolerance.

“Rather than coming and throwing threats and doing graffitis on the side of the walls, and throwing pig heads, and swearing as they’re driving … just open out doors and our hand for the wider community, especially those who have very serious concern about what’s going on – please come,” he said.

Dr Misra said Australian authorities needed to avoid mistakes made by other nations in dealing with the homegrown terrorism threat.

“Australia should learn from others’ experiences – experiences of United States, Europe, UK and India – that while there is a need to safeguard the community and state institutions and government it is also important to ensure how you do it so as to avoid any backlash in the future from the community,” he said.

“How we go about the task will determine whether we are able to achieve both goals


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