10th World Assembly of Religions for Peace

Religions for Peace 10th World Assembly BranchThe 10th World Assembly of Religions for Peace will take place in Lindau, Germany under the theme “Caring for our Common Future ? Advancing Shared Well-being.” Delegates from Religions for Peace Australia will be attending the World Asembly. We bring an overview of the Conference, the handbook and related information.

Religions for Peace in partnership with the Foundation Peace Dialogue of the World Religions and Civil Society will convene the Religions for Peace 10th World Assembly – the world’s most representative, multi-religious gathering of religious communities – from 20-23 August 2019. This Assembly will be undertaken with the generous support of the German Federal Foreign Office and the Bavarian State.

Every 5-7 years, Religions for Peace convenes a World Assembly for the purpose of forging a deep moral consensus on contemporary challenges, electing a new World Council and advancing multi-religious action across and beyond the Religions for Peace network.

The Religions for Peace 10th World Assembly, under the theme “Caring for our Common Future ? Advancing Shared Well-being,” will be global in scale, multi-stakeholder in composition and action-oriented. Some 800 senior religious leaders, youth and women of faith from over 100 countries will be joined by 100 representatives of governments, intergovernmental organisations and civil society groups to forge multi-stakeholder partnerships for the common good. Previous Religions for Peace Assemblies have resulted in highly effective multi-religious projects in peace building and development in all word regions.

The Assembly is itself a time of multi-religious action. Religious leaders coming from zones of conflict will engage in conflict mediation sessions among additional religious leaders and other key stakeholders. These private Track II peace consultations in previous Assemblies have resulted in highly positive outcomes in the Balkans, West Africa, the Middle East, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. National inter-religious councils (IRCs) and groups will exchange best practices to become better equipped to take concrete action on the ground in their own countries.

Religions for Peace 10th World Assembly Branch

Religions for Peace 10th World Assembly Handbook



Religions for Peace 10th World Assembly Branch

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Religions for Peace 10th World Assembly Branch

Goals of the Assembly



Women’s Pre Assembly

On the day preceding the main Assembly, women religious leaders will gather from the world’s religious traditions for the Religions for Peace Women’s Pre-Assembly.

This event provides a crucial platform for reflection, discussion and mobilisation regarding the role of religious women in multi-religious cooperation. The Women’s Pre-Assembly is an ideal opportunity to build and strengthen national, regional and global women of faith networks to transform conflict, build peace and advance sustainable development.

Following the welcoming and opening remarks, a select group from each of the six regional inter-religious councils will present on their Regional Consultations held in preparation for the 10th World Assembly. Working groups on the key areas of Religions for Peace’s mission will provoke discussion, build consensus and inspire action. The Women’s Pre-Assembly and World Assembly are ideal opportunities to strengthen the global women of faith network by providing practical support in organising women’s networks, equipping them for action and main streaming women into the leadership of inter-religious bodies. Well-known women leaders from religion, government, international organisations and civil society will join as panellists during the plenary sessions.

The Religions for Peace Women’s Pre-Assembly will also seek to forge partnerships among religious communities and representatives of inter-governmental organisations and civil society. Finally, the delegates of the Assembly will nominate and elect the new members of the International Women’s Coordinating Committee (IWCC), the body that guides Religions for Peace’s Women’s Mobilisation Program.


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Youth Pre Assembly

Approximately 100 young leaders of faith from six regional networks gathered at the Religions for Peace Youth Pre-Assembly one day prior to the main World Assembly.

Young people are an essential component of a successful network, as they bring energy, ingenuity and innovation to the entire Religions for Peace movement. Religions for Peace Global Interfaith Youth Network harnesses this energy and the commitment of religious youth leaders around the world to advance its mission of multi-religious cooperation for peace. We build strategic partnerships governmental and civil society organisations, implement international action campaigns, and facilitate youth involvement in global peace initiatives.

The 10th Religions for Peace World Assembly presents an opportunity for these young leaders, representing the world’s religious traditions, to consider the unique role of youth in overcoming global challenges and to develop a plan for youth-led, multi-religious action for shared well-being in their respective regions and beyond.

The Youth Pre-Assembly, through its cross-cultural and multi-religious working sessions, enabled young leaders from different religions to build local, national and regional networks in order to transform conflict, promote just and harmonious societies, foster integral human development and protect the Earth.


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Special Session: Mena Women of Faith As Peacemakers

Religions for Peace recognises that women of faith in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) have a unique potential to build confidence and advance peace across the region. Therefore, to amplify the role of women of faith as peacemakers, Religions for Peace will convene eminent MENA women of faith from diverse religious traditions and support their collaborative effort to build solidarity and support for refugees around the world. Their experience and achievements will be shared on the second day during the Religions for Peace 10th World Assembly at a Special Session on MENA Women of Faith as Peacemakers.

The Special Session will be conducted in a way that seems like the women are holding an intimate conversation – exchanging ideas, thoughts and experiences – organically building upon one another. The moderator, who is also an eminent woman of faith from Germany, will help in moving the conversational along to ensure that it is a six-way conversation. The moderator will also include the Assembly participants by opening to their comments and/or questions. This format lends itself to lively dialogue.


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The Venue

Lindau is an idyllic town at Lake Constance in the German state of Bavaria. It is situated at the clear waters of Lake Constance with a backdrop of snow-covered mountains and a historic old-town with winding cobblestone alleys and picturesque squares. Lindau is a renowned conference venue and has for many years been the host of the annual Nobel Laureate Meetings.

It is further inviting due to its international atmosphere created through Lindau’s unique position in the tri-border area Germany – Austria – Switzerland. What’s more, the assembly is building on a civilizing heritage that began with monks who settled in the area from Ireland and France 1,400 years ago. Guests from all over the world will meet in an environment that is deeply nourishing and calls us to urgently collaborate to protect our earth as part of a holistic vision of Peace.

The ‘Inselhalle’ in Lindau was newly renovated and generously expanded in 2018. It is equipped with the latest technology and offers flexible room arrangement opportunities. The ‘Inselhalle’ is centrally and conveniently located on the island of Lindau. A multi-story car park and other conference venues such as the Gewölbesaal, Altes Rathaus and two churches are immediately adjacent and can easily be reached by a short walk.


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Religions for Peace 10th World Assembly Branch

Press Kit



Religions for Peace 10th World Assembly Branch

Program at a Glance



Religions for Peace 10th World Assembly Branch



More Conference Information: Visit: http://rfp.org/home-3/10th-world-assembly/



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