The Charter of Makkah

Charter of Makkah

The “Charter of Makkah” calls on the world to fight terrorism, injustice and oppression, stating that the duty of all is to refuse the exploitation of people and violation of human rights.

On May 28, 2019, the “Charter of Makkah” was endorsed unanimously by an unprecedented group of the world’s leading Muslim scholars, who gathered in the Holy City for the promotion of moderate Islam. “The Charter of Makkah” offers Muslims around the world guidance on the principles that speak to the true meaning of Islam.

The Charter of Makkah is orientated around the following principles:

  • Centrism & Moderation: Meaning and Significance
  • The Prophetic Approach to Moderation
  • Moderation in Islamic History and Jurisprudence Heritage
  • Religious Multiplicity & Cultural Interaction
  • Common Values in the Contemporary International Relations
  • Moral & Human Values in the Prophet Guidance
  • Practical Programs to Promote Moderation Among Youth
  • Moderation and the Message of Civilized Communication

Charter of Makkah

Unofficial translation of the Charter of Makkah: (English)

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