South Australia: Dialogue with a Zoroastrian

farokhar, symbol of Zoroastrian religionHope’s Cafe Theme in July: The world’s oldest faith? Is Zoroastrianism – this is the oldest, continuing, faith system on Earth. Come and listen to Mr. Khodadad Mikhchi and Facilitator Ben Heywood. Come and share thoughts, questions and reflections about one of the oldest faiths in the world!

Let’s talk about the new Australia! Come and share your thoughts over a meal to discuss your ideas and experiences Come and share your thoughts over a meal to discuss your ideas and experiences about the Australia we live in now! You are invited to become part of a group, aiming to encourage friendship across creed, culture and tradition; an opportunity to participate in building new community; and a chance to share questions and discoveries (in a safe space) as we reflect on our own tradition /transition?

  • What is our knowledge, expectations of ourselves and the different creeds, cultures and traditions around us?
  • What are our questions about the culture; the faith tradition; the belief-system we or our neighbours represent?
  • What are your own challenges and your own experiences about great moments and complex challenges of your / some else’s beliefs?
  • We aim to work with the concept of respecting all questions and answers while we take time to get to know the similarities and differences we share.
  • Conversations will take place in a safe space where we can all listen and learn from another.
  • A meal will be available for purchase each time for $10 (please feel free to donate more towards those refugees in strife who have lost their Centrelink income).

Theme in July: Zoroastrian faith Zoroastrianism at a glance: Zoroastrianism is one of the world’s oldest monotheistic religions. It was founded by the Prophet Zoroaster (or Zarathustra) in ancient Iran approximately 3500 years ago. For 1000 years Zoroastrianism was one of the most powerful religions in the world. It was the official religion of Persia (Iran) from 600 BCE to 650 CE.

Event Details:
Speaker: Mr. Khodadad Mikhchi
DATE: Wednesday 24 July. TIME: 5.30 for 6 pm start
Venue: Hope’s cafe, Corner of Norwood Parade and Portrush Road, Norwood.
RSVP: via email/ phone and feel free to bring a friend
Cost: Gold Coin Donation welcome to thank Hope’s cafe for hospitality.
We usually meet until about 7.30, but you are welcome to stay a bit longer.
Contact: 0437 794 410 or or David Winderlich, Coordinator at Hope’s Cafe (Uniting Communities) 0419723204


farokhar, symbol of the Zoroastrian religion
farokhar, symbol of the Zoroastrian religion