NSW: Graduate Certificate in Humanistic Buddhism

Nam Toem InstituteNan Tien Institute (Unanderra 2526) is offering 10 scholarships for their pioneering Humanistic Buddhism Program worth over $5000 each. The scholarships cover tuition, accommodation (with conditions) as well as vegetarian meals.

This postgraduate course will enable you to acquire a deep and broad understanding of the key themes of Humanistic Buddhism through historical, socio-cultural and textual studies.

You will engage in critical exploration of contemporary issues, as well as develop a personal understanding of key roles and identity, through contemplative reflection on practice and studies.

On completion of the course, you will be able to develop a deeper sense of purpose, be more self-aware and open to new experiences, and be better equipped to be of service to others. This course elcomes students from all Buddhist traditions.

This course would be of benefit to those working within Buddhist communities, or consciously-minded education/business professionals who are seeking to get ‘ahead of the pack’ in a positive and effective way. By truly understanding, sharing, and working with humanistic values in your workplace and career, you will gain the skills to develop an innovative culture of understanding, mindfulness and care within your organisation.

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