Qld: Toowoomba Mosque offers Condolences and Prayers

On Tuesday, 23 April 2019 some members of Toowoomba Masjid visited St Anthony’s Church with flowers. Led by President of Islamic Society of Toowoomba, Professor Shahjahan Khan, and Imam Abdul Kader the team felt a bit relieved to be able to reciprocate some of the humanity shown to the Muslim community by their Christian friends after the Christchurch mosques attacks.

Professor Khan (Founding President of Islamic Society of Toowoomba) said, “Unfortunately our friends and we had to do this again to stand together against the evil acts of some coward criminals. Let us send strongest possible message to the forces of division and hate that we are all untied to live in peace and harmony with mutual respect and care.”

Prayers for Sri Lanka

Toowoomba Mosque organised a “Prayers for Sri Lanka” gathering after Magrib prayers (at 5:30pm) on Wednesday, 24 April at the Garden City Mosque. Muslims and Non-Muslims joined the prayers led by Imam Abdul Kader. Mr Ahamed Muneer a Sri Lankan Australian Toowoomba community shared his feeling about the massacre and how Sri Lankan Muslims have been living peacefully with fellow Christians for centuries. He appreciated the united stand of Toowoomba community in support of his country of origin.

Dr David Tutty of the Social Justice Commission of Catholic Dioceses of Toowoomba asked everyone to remember God all the time. And the one sincerely remembers God can’t do any evil.

Imam Abdul Kader said that everyone of us is created by Allah (God) from soil and decedent of Adam and Eve as brothers and sisters. Islam is a religion of peace and Muslims must protect religious freedom of people of other faiths, especially sacred places of worship, even at the time of wars.


Non-Muslims and Muslims at the Prayers for Sri Lanka in Toowoomba Mosque.