Tasmania: February 2019

Tasmania LogoGreetings of peace! UN World Interfaith Harmony Week is being held throughout the world this week 1-7 February 19. For one week each year— World Interfaith Harmony Week mobilizes interfaith groups and peoples of goodwill to celebrate the beauty of the world when neighbours of diverse religious and spiritual traditions come together to understand, support, and uplift one another.

World Interfaith Harmony Week aims to promote harmony between all people regardless of their faith and non-faith. It provides a platform, one week in the year, where people of every group can recognize their common values, build ties with each other, and work alongside one another to bring peace and harmony to their communities. You can read 5 things to know about World Interfaith Harmony Week.

To honour this observance of World Interfaith Harmony Week, Religions for Peace Tas has invited Cecilia Bendall, to give her experiences of the Parliament of the World’s Religions which she attended in Toronto, Canada, in November 2018: https://www.parliamentofreligions.org/parliament/2018-toronto/2018-toronto

Due to difficulties in being able to book our usual venue at UTAS Multifaith Centre, we will host this gathering at the Brahma Kumaris Meditation Centre, 51 Risdon Rd, New Town 7008 (Cnr Bell St) on Sunday 17 February 19 from 3.00-4.30pm.

A flier is attached

Expanded Global Ethic
Cecilia has directed our attention to the 25th anniversary of an Expanded Global Ethic, developed by the Parliament of the World’s Religions.

As she says, ‘All five directives are worth watching … and all have been consensual and collaborative processes of major if not all religions represented at the Parliament ( I think over 150).’

The directives may be found as follows:

Commitment to a Culture of Non-Violence and Respect for Life:

Commitment to a Culture of Solidarity and a Just Economic Order:

Commitment to a Culture of Tolerance and a life of Truthfulness:

Commitment to a Culture of Equal Rights and Partnership between Men and Women:

Commitment to a Culture of Sustainability and Care for the Earth:

Finally, we join with Anglican Bishop Richard Condie’s ‘Monday prayers’ enewsletter in our thoughts and prayers for all living things affected by the current bushfires in Tasmania:

‘Dear Friends, We continue to pray for rain to quench the bushfires and are thankful to God that some relief and downgrading in warnings occurred during the week.’

We also hold in our thoughts and prayers all living things affected by the catastrophic flooding in north Queensland.

Holy Days and Festivals in February
5 February Chinese New Year (Buddhism) Year of the Pig, expresses qualities of gentleness, generosity, calmness and compassion.
15 February Nirvana Day (Buddhism)
19 February Sangha Day (Buddhism)
4 March MahaShivaratri (Hinduism)
6 March Ash Wednesday (Christianity) Lent, preparation of prayer and fasting for celebrating Easter
11 March Great Lent (Orthodox Christianity) Orthodox observance of 40 days preparation for Resurrection.

Dances of Universal Peace
Dances for Universal Peace is now held every fortnight on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7.00pm.

The first Tuesdays are, as always, led by Nicola. The third Tuesday by a combination of Chando, Kafia and Mieke. Please note the new time starts at 7.00pm.

Tuesday 5th February is with Nicola at 339 Macquarie St, South Hobart in the Hawker Centre behind the All Saints Anglican Church and The Jesse Tree op shop, starting at 7.00pm. Enquires: 0400051963

Regatta Long Weekend
Camping/dancing event from 8-11 February 2019 (Regatta Long Weekend) on Bruny Island at 851 Killora Rd., North Bruny.
Come and join us for a weekend of camping. Bring family, kids, friends – everyone welcome. Come for the whole weekend, or just for a day or two. There is also the option to sleep in the caravan and annex.
Enquiries: 6278 8293, mobile 0448 988 362

Calm in the Kitchen
Calm in the Kitchen: a vegetarian cooking demonstration with a focus on the impact of cooking with a peaceful attitude.

Monday 11 February 2019 (Regatta Day) from 11.00am-1.30pm (includes lunch).
Location: Brahma Kumaris Meditation Centre, 51 Risdon Rd., New Town (Cnr Bell St).
Bookings are essential on 6278 3788 or hobart@au.brahmakumaris.org
There are no fees, but contributions to help cover costs are welcome.

A Flier is Attached

1 Day Interfaith Meeting
1 DAY INTERFAITH FESTIVAL will be held at the Hobart Town Hall on Saturday 23rd February from 10am until 5pm.

Here is a rare opportunity for people of goodwill, professing a diversity of faith traditions and hailing from a variety of spiritual backgrounds, to come together to celebrate their differences as well as the common spiritual threads that weave their life experiences into one harmonious fabric.

This festival will proclaim our ONENESS and will challenge us to open our hearts and minds to one another in a spirit of peace, love, and unity. Please join us on this ‘1derful’ day and invite as many other people as possible to do the same. The festival is free and family-friendly!

You can get more information on our website at www.1dayinterfaithfestival.com
Download a Flyer for this event

Hindu Society of Tasmania
Satsang Group Discussions

Hindu Society of Tasmania in association with like-minded organisations is organising “Satsang” or Group Discussions” on various Hindu spiritual & religious subjects for the past couple of years. The aim of these discussions is to share and exchange the understanding & studies of interested members to the benefit of the other interested members in the wider community. The topics to be covered in the discussions may include but not limited to the following:

*To discuss the fundamentals of various philosophies/faiths in Hindu Culture
*Discussion on spiritual understanding on Atma, Paramatma, Brahman, Karma etc.
*To share personal view points on how to address unanswerable questions of life.
*To share various cultural practises and the rationale behind these practises
*Any subject which encourages healthy interaction on the wider Hindu Culture
*To encourage self study and to share of the information gained on the same.

The next topic on the Satsang Group Discussions is the “VIVEKA-CHUDAMANI” or “The Crest-Jewel of Discrimination”, which will be presented by Dr. N Jeyasreedharan (Sree). The reference book for the presentation is “The Message of Vivekachudamani” by Swami Ranganathananda. Sree will lead the study which will include readings from the reference book, slide presentations, sound and video recordings and other interpretations. At the end of presentations there will be opportunity for discussions.

The Viveka-Chudamani is one of the important original works of Adi Sankaracharya. The central theme of Vivekachudamani is God in its transcendental, impersonal aspect – beyond mind and duality. Adi Sankaracharya’s style of presenting such an abstruse subject as self-realization in this excellent text Vivekachudamani is both concise and incisive in its approach and analysis. It at once appeals to the mind and the heart. It is highly poetic and deeply mystic, and yet rational. The hidden message of the text is on direct intuitive experience which is far greater than any amount of scholarship, argument or discussion.
Venue and Time:

The satsangs will be held on the first Monday of each month, from 6:30pm to 8:00pm at the UTAS Multifaith Centre, TUU Building, Churchill Ave, Sandy Bay. The next date for Satsang Group Discussion is on Monday 4th March at 6:30pm. Those who are interested, please email to hsot.events@gmail.com or SMS to any of the following members

Ajit S Ramadas: 0411 300 630
Sree: 0413 936 936

Multicultural Council of Tasmania
Harmony Week is a state-wide program dedicated to showcasing our differences and acknowledging we all belong.

Planning is underway for 2019 Harmony Week: 17 – 24 March, 2019

Coordinated by the Multicultural Council of Tasmania, in partnership with the Tasmanian Government, Harmony Week builds on national Harmony Day, celebrated on 21 March to coincide with the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Hobart Buddhist Meditation Centre
2019 Easter Retreat
Bookings are now open for our April 2019 (18-26 April) retreat with Zasep Tulku Rinpoche at Dorje Ling Retreat Centre, Lorinna, Tasmania.
Rinpoche will be teaching on the subject of Mahamudra. This is a rare and precious opportunity to receive teachings in Tasmania direct from a Tibetan master of the Dharma.
More information is on our website, where bookings may be made:

For information and inquiries, www.tashicholing.net or ring Kkate on 0432 630 796.

Meditation meetings will be in recess from 11 December and will resume on the first Tuesday evening in February.

Spiritual Care Australia Conference:
Spiritual Care Australia will hold its national conference at the Catholic Leadership Centre in Melbourne from 16-19 June 19. The title is Setting the GPS: finding your way in spiritual care.

Anyone engaging in spiritual care is welcome to attend – whether you work in aged care, community care, congregational care, crisis / emergency, defence, education, general health care, mental health, prisons, sports, or any sector.

We expect all presentations will help us focus on these streams:

*Research and quality improvement
*Consumer engagement and experience
*Models of spiritual care, including innovation, and
*Ethics in spiritual care, including in research and in end-of-life care

For more information, see https://www.spiritualcareaustralia.org.au/

From Swami Paramananda:

There will be a Kailash and Mansarovar pilgrimage in July 2019.

For enquiries, contact Swami Paramananda: m: 0410 698 650 e: swamiparmananda@yahoo.com; swamiparamanandamelb@gmail.com

Council for A Parliament of the World’s Religions:
The Parliament of the World’s Religions is pleased to celebrate the public launch of a new PWR-allied organization: Religica.org Developed for a broad audience, Religica was created by Parliament of the World’s Religions Trustee and Board Secretary, Dr. Michael D. Trice, and his allies to produce original videos, podcasts, learning guides and articles. These works arise from a commitment to illuminating how faith and spiritual traditions are a force for good throughout the world, and promise to spark new and wondrous journeys for audiences across religious and interfaith movements. For more information, see https://religica.org/

From Zenit:

‘Faith in God Unites Rather Than Divides,’ Pope Reminds in Videomessage for United Arab Emirates

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Ahead of Being on Papal Flight for United Arab Emirates, ZENIT Speaks with Apostolic Vicar of Southern Arabia Bishop Paul Hinder

Yemen: Pope Calls on International Community to Address Humanitarian Crisis

UAE: Pope and Imam of al Azhar to be at Conference

Pakistan: Nearly 200 Cases of Christians on Blasphemy Charges

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