Compass: 9/11 Ten Years On

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Dr Anna Halafoff (Vice Chair, Religions for Peace Australia) along with Dr Gary Bouma (past Vice Chair), Freeman Trebilcock and Ali Majokah, all members of RfPA, were interviewed on the ABC Compass Program, 9/11, Ten Years On

Broadcast on 11 September 2011, the program examines the deep and enduring social, religious and cultural implications of 9/11 from an Australian perspective.

Program Summary:

Ten years ago we watched in disbelief as the Twin Towers collapsed before our eyes. Even as it was happening we were told the ‘world had changed’ and a decade on, it’s evident many things have: from terrorism, to heightened security and surveillance, and suspicion toward many things Muslim. But has 9/11 really changed us a society? What about our faith, values and perceptions? In this special edition of Compass we look at the ongoing repercussions and legacy of “9/11” through the experiences of Australians directly and indirectly affected.

Dr Anna Halafoff interviewed on Compass

Dr Anna Halafoff interviewed on Compass

The Video of the program is available at this link on the ABC Compass Website. You may both view and download the video from this page.

Prof. Gary Bouma  on ABC Compass program

Professor Gary Bouma on Compass

A full transcript of the program is available on this page .

Source: ABC Compass Website

Photo Credit: ABC Compass Program Video, 11 September 2011