Sultana's Dream, April 2014

Mosaic Square from Sultana's Dream

The latest issue – April 2014 – of Sultana’s Dream is available for reading. The editorial takes up the matter of the Racial Discrimination Act amendments and how religion is a surrogate for race, in the minds of many. There is also a report on the educational tours at the new Museum of Islamic History.

This latest issue of Sultana’s dream has a reflective narrative from one who has been giving tours of Islamic art galleries for the last 12 years. Sherene Hassan, Director of the Islamic Museum of Australia, writes:

I then take them to the Faith gallery where they see Quran video art, the Hajj theatre movie and a film where inspiring Muslim women such as Tasneem Chopra, Saara Sabbagh and many more share their stories. We move into the Islamic Civilization gallery to discover amazing facts about Arabic numerals, soap, coffee, astronomy, literature and so much more.

Islamic Faith Gallery
Islamic Faith Gallery at IMA (Image courtesy IMA)

Then onto the Islamic Art gallery to see award-winning classic and contemporary Islamic art, mostly by Australian Muslim Artists. This includes spoken word and other video art. We pass through the visiting exhibit, ‘Mush’, by Blake prize winner Khalid Sabsabi, and it’s time for lunch.

My young charges are surprised to see they are being served by none other than Samira, who they recognize from TV as a top 3 finalist from Masterchef 2013. Poor Samira juggles falafel, fresh juices, coffee and desserts while graciously posing for photos with her new BFFs!

Sarah Malik writes about breaking a promise (and writing about the hijab):

In many ways ‘try a hijab’ events are a fun way to break barriers, giving others permission to understand what it is to feel and experience being in another person’s shoes outside of politics. I know sometimes I’m curious about other people but have no way of accessing them except through novels.

However as Abdel-Magied explains: “It is fantastic that the world came together to celebrate the hijab. If, however, the aim is to foster true connection and understanding of Muslim women, the focus has to be on more than simply focus on what they wear.”

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