Adelaide celebrates the Global Week of Living the Change

The Adelaide Living the Change event is part of a series of national celebrations of Living the Change and will take place on Sunday 7 October 2018. The events offer an opportunity for us to examine what changes we can make as a community and in our individual lives in the areas of transport, diet and energy; and to share our what inspires us and what we struggle with. How can we reduce our carbon footprint together?


Adelaide celebrates the Global Week of Living the Change 7-14 October 2018

Come celebrate with music & dancing with Dusty Feet, and share delicious vegan meal after an interfaith blessing. We will listen & learn from each other how we can act swiftly on climate, in accordance with our core spiritual values. Make a personal Pledge via the online tool

Our spiritual traditions teach us to care for and value the Earth, to live simply so others may simply live. We come together to celebrate our collective commitment to move towards more sustainable lifestyes, giving hope to vulnerable communities facing grave danger and disruption from climate change.

Child-friendly event, supervision available – to advise numbers of children, contact Philippa on 0429 828412

Event Details
Date: Sun, October 7, 2018
Time: 3:30 PM – 7:00 PM ACDT
Location: Minor Works Building, 22 Stamford Court, Adelaide, SA 5000
Bookings: Book on Eventbrite