Australians speak on Living The Change

Across Australia, Australian Religious Response to Climate Change supporters – and fellow travellers of good will – will have the opportunity to attend Week of Living the Change celebrations in the week of October 7 – 14. Here, we bring you video of Australians from different faiths and religious traditions on why they are Living the Change.


Living the Change upholds two of our deepest convictions:

  • We believe the Earth is a sacred gift.
  • We believe each of us has the responsibility to live in a way that supports and sustains our common home.

While world leaders have agreed to keep global warming to a 1.5⁰C limit, current trends have us headed for at least twice that level and a truly devastating future. We urgently need a massive reduction in greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible.

Here, we have religious and community leaders of Australia speak about Living the Change

Hinduism: Vani Shukla of South Australia


Christianity: Rev. Dr Peter Catt

The Anglican Dean of Brisbane the Very Reverend Dr Peter Catt tells us how he’s “Living the Change” in 2018.


Christian: Ben Thurley,
Relationships Manager, International Nepal Fellowship

Christian Ben Thurley tells us how he’s “Living the Change” in 2018.


Buddhism: Philippa Rowland

Australian Mahayana Buddhist Philippa Rowland tells us how she’s “Living the Change” in 2018.
(Philippa Rowland is President of the Multifaith Association of South Australia)


Catholicsm: Sr Elizabeth Young, RSM

Australian Catholic Sister of Mercy, Elizabeth Young, tells us how she’s “Living the Change” in 2018.


Judaism: Rabbi Jonathan Keren-Black

Australian Rabbi Jonathan Keren-Black tells us how he’s “Living the Change” in 2018.


Global Week of Living the Change

7-14 October 2018

During these seven days, we will hold the Initiative’s first Global Week, celebrating with more than 100 local events in faith communities around the world. This will be a joyous occasion to come together as the world’s faith communities and commemorate the changes we are all living for a flourishing world. Will your community join us?

Learn More about the first Global Week of Living the Change here.


Living the Change