NSW: Buddhist Retreat: Beauty and Sadness

Our lives are often caught between the experience of beauty and sadness, and sometimes we recognise the two in a single experience. The first disciple of the Buddha who entered the path entered through the gate of impermanence (anicca) and the Buddha proclaimed of him, “Kondanna knows”.

Most people avoid sadness and are fearful of anicca and see time as a kind of enemy, and yet it is a primary doorway leading to liberation. This weekend will be an invitation to enter into and to explore our experience of impermanence and its intimate relationship with beauty.


The retreat will involve making a real effort to enter into the space where beauty and sadness meet. It is open to anyone willing to spend their time fruitfully exploring this path of a meditative encounter with impermanence and beauty.

“My aunt passed away, and as I looked around the room at all those dabbing their eyes, blowing their noses with wrinkled Kleenex, and looking at one another with red-rimmed eyes, I was overcome with sadness. My first instinct was to push it away, to not look at those tear-stained faces, to avoid breathing in the loss that seemed to permeate the air. And then I realised: there is beauty in this sadness.” Dani DiPirro

Bhante Tejadhammo was born in Sydney, Australia. He has undertaken extensive Buddhist studies including periods at Monastic and Civil Universities in Thailand. He was ordained in 1981 and has spent long periods in meditation practice and teaching. Bhante Tejadhammo works with the seriously ill in several hospitals and hospices in Sydney, and gives regular meditation retreats around Australia and is frequently invited to teach on meditation to both Buddhist and non-Buddhist groups.


The retreat will take place at Vejjasala, our retreat centre at Wingello in the Southern Highlands. Accommodation is in shared rooms with bathrooms nearby. You will need to bring your own bed linen and other items. See ‘What to Bring’ below for full instructions. There is also Kuti accommodation, single bed huts dotted around the retreat centre grounds, for those who like to have a little more solitude. If you prefer to stay in a Kuti, note this in the comments field in the application form below. Kutis are allocated on a first come first served basis.


Retreat activities commence at 7.30 pm on the Friday evening and finish after lunch on Monday.

Vejjasala will be open from 4pm on the Friday and there will be a light supper at 6.00pm before the retreat commences. It is advised that people arrive before the retreat commences to settle into their accommodation and familiarise themselves with the centre layout.

Retreat Details

Retreat Program: Beauty and Sadness (led by Bhante Tejadhammo)
Dates: Friday evening 28 Sept to Monday afternoon 1 Oct 2018
Location: 219 Forest Road Wingello, NSW 2579 Ph: (02) 4884 4443
Distance from Sydney: 160km, approx. 1 hour 45 mins
SatNav coordinates: S34 42.334 E150 10.663
Cost: $240 for members, $300 for non members
Booking is essential (before 18 Sept 2018)
Application Form: Online at Vejjasala Website
Download the Retreat Flyer
More information: Email the retreat coordinator



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