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Getting Ready For The 9th World Assembly

How to Participate and Connect Online

On November 20th, the 9th World Assembly of Religions for Peace will begin in Vienna, Austria, bringing together over 600 religious leaders from our global network. The Religions for Peace network has come together since 1970 to collaborate together to work for peace. At the last Assembly we affirmed our shared belief that a threat to any person’s dignity is a threat to common wellbeing. This year, we are calling on religious communities to counter rising hostility by “Welcoming the Other.”

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Josie Lacey (of RfP New South Wales Branch) with Bishop Ioannis Sakellariou of Athens at the 9th World Assembly


Josie Lacey (of RfP New South Wales Branch) with Professor Leonard Swidler at the 9th World Assembly. Prof. Swidler wrote Dialogue / Decalogue, which RfP NSW uses as a guide to dialogue.

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