Invitation to Jewish Christian Muslim Association Winter Conference

Jews, Christians & Muslims seeking interaction and dialogue with one another in a safe environment are invited to attend the JCMA Winter Conference on the theme “Faith and Society”.


Why a JCMA Conference?

JCMA was established in 2004 to
(a)    to draw together members of the Abrahamic faiths in mutual respect, seeking to appreciate each other and to heal ancient wounds, pledging mutual support in times of stress and engaging in dialogue in all its aspects;
(b)   to organise conferences and other activities for the purpose of learning about each other’s faith, of sharing personal experience, and of discussing issues of concern within their own faith communities and within the broader society.
The Annual JCMA Conference is modelled on the annual residential conference of Jews, Christians and Muslims in Europe and is supported by major religious institutions within each faith community.
The conference is held in a relaxing environment conducive to both personal reflection and warm, open meetings and discussions.

Who is it for?


  • JCMA conferences are intended for people of all ages who are members of one of the three Abrahamic faith communities, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
  • Participants include men and women, young and old, lay and clergy, academics and students, and those working in community or welfare roles.
  • All participants are asked to agree to the JCMA Principles of Dialogue
  • All participants, speakers and discussion group leaders are asked to attend the full conference from 2pm on Sunday 6 August to 5:30pm on Monday 7 August. For most participants this will include residential accommodation overnight.
  • Anyone who subscribes to the aims and purpose of the conference are encouraged to register their interest, but registration of interest does not guarantee a place in the conference. Final place offers will be made by the Conference Committee.



  • Rooms at the St Paul Retreat Centre are shared with ensuite bathrooms.
  • If single room accommodation is required, this will be provided at the Janssen Centre in Boronia 15 minutes drive away.
  • Participants may choose to return home overnight, but attendance at the full program of the conference will still be required for all participants and there will be no reduction in the fee for those who do not live in.


Program elements


  • Two Input Sessions in which a presenter from each faith contributing information and process ideas related to the theme
  • Scripture study: An opportunity for a scripture scholar of each faith to present texts relating to the theme
  • Life Experiences/Faith Journeys: a participant from each faith group will share stories about their spiritual journey
  • Cluster Groups: Participants will be allocated to a small group which will meet twice during the program for a more personal time of sharing
  • Also meals together, “Speakers Corner”, Observance of traditional Prayer times,


Registration of Interest


  1. If you would like to attend the 2017 JCMA Winter Conference, we ask that you apply by filling in a “registration of interest” online at before the closing date of Monday July 24.
  2. The Conference Planning Committee will review each registration of interest before offering a place in the Conference to the selected applicants
  3. When you are notified that your application to attend has been approved, you will receive an email directing you to an Eventbrite site where you can pay the Conference fee of $160.
  4. Further details of the event and the program will then be provided by email.
  5. JCMA aims to enable people of faith to deepen their understanding of Judaism, Christianity and Islam in Australia today by meeting, engaging with and learning from Jews, Christians and Muslims.

    Conference Details

    Date: 2pm Sunday 6th August to 5pm Monday 7th August 2017
    Venue: St Paul Retreat Centre, Nortons Lane, Wantirna South.                 
    Cost: $160
    Theme: “Faith and Society” – exploring the interplay between these two all-embracing realms of our existence in the context of modern Australia.


    JCMA Winter Conference Flyer



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