NSW: Interfaith Movie – The Sultan and The Saint

The Sultan and the Saint tells one of the great, lost stories from history. Set in a past period of East-West conflict, it speaks with urgency to our present. Two men of faith, one an itinerant Christian preacher, the other the ruler of a Muslim Empire, bucked a century of war, distrust, and insidious propaganda in a search for mutual respect and common ground.


It is the story of Francis of Assisi and the Sultan of Egypt, and their meeting on a bloody battlefield during the period of Christian-Muslim conflict known as the Crusades. This is big history, important history.

Not only does it speak directly to the conflicts of today, the story itself is very dramatic with many fascinating twists and turns, and with central characters who are more compelling than even their legends claim.

On one hand there is Francis, a starry-eyed would-be knight in provincial Assisi, captured as a prisoner of war and imprisoned for a year, then released as an abused victim of violence, whose one solution to witnessing so much hatred was a radical reorganisation of his life and values.

And there is a forgotten Muslim prince, the young nephew of the brilliant Saladin, Richard the Lionheart’s famous opponent, who was raised in the Sultan’s palace and groomed for the throne by his mother steeped in Islamic learning. Two more unlikely protagonists are hard to imagine. And yet the meeting between these two men, at a crossroads moment, changed history.



Join us for the Columbus Premiere to learn about the remarkable spiritual exchange between the Sultan and the Saint, and the great risks they took for peace

The Sultan and the Saint – Sydney Premiere Screening by Columban Centre for Christian-Muslim Relations and Partners.



Event Details

When: Sat. 29 July 2017
Time: 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm AEST
Location: Sir Ian and Nancy Turbott Auditorium, Western Sydney University (Parramatta South Campus)
Address: James Ruse Drive Parramatta, NSW 2150
Cost: $10, refreshments served afterwards
Bookings: Online at Eventbrite
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Parents please note: The film contains some scenes of violence and may not be appropriate for children under 12. Please use your own discretion