Qld: A Muslim Message at Christmas

MEMBERS of the Muslim community in Brisbane are preparing a mass letterbox drop to wish residents a “happy Christmas” with a message that extremists don’t represent Islamic views.


They are preparing to deliver 20,000 letters to homes from Mount Gravatt to Underwood over the next three days.

The letter, on Islamic Council of Queensland letterhead, aims to dispel “misconceptions about Muslims and Christmas”, including that “Muslims are offended by Christians ­celebrating Christmas”.

ICQ spokesman Ali Kadri said the initiative was aimed at ensuring positive Muslim voices were heard.

“There are either Muslim extremists speaking up and getting engaged and talking a lot, or there’s right-wing extremists talking a lot,” Mr Kadri said.

“There’s hardly anybody else talking. So this is my way of talking – by distributing these flyers to make more noise than them.”

Mr Kadri said delivering the letters was as much about sending a message to Muslim extremists as it was to people who feared Islam.

“There are a minority of extremist Muslims who say that wishing someone a happy Christmas is against Islam,” Mr Kadri said.

<“I want to send them a message as much as I want to send one to everyone else that those people don’t speak for Islam,” he said. p style="font-size:larger;">



SourceCourier Mail