Queensland: Alchemy of Well Being

al-ghazzbneThe al-Ghazzali Centre of Brisbane in collaboration with Griffith Centre for Interfaith and Cultural Dialogue will host a two day educational event, Alchemy of Wellbeing – a 2 Day Counsel on the Ethical and Spritual Wellbeing of Body & Mind, Heart & Soul on the weekend of 5 – 6 November at Griffith University.



A healthy individual is more than a healthy body. The human wellbeing is found in the purposeful and positive interconnectedness of the physical, intellectual and spiritual realities that form the human. An imbalance in any one of them manifests in what we know as diseases of the body (biological illnesses), mind (mental conditions) and soul (spiritual diseases).The body, mind and the should are interconnected, such that the health of each faculty is necessary for the wellbeing of the human being, in order for it to be open to its fullest potential.

This 2-day seminar on the Alchemy of Wellbeing will provide the Seeker of knowledge practical counsel on the:

– Ethics and spirituality of food, as the primary basis for overall health and wellbeing;
– Prophetic methods to nourish the body, mind and soul for the full potential to live a spiritually virtuous life;
– Naturopathic model for holistic health and healing;
– Utilisation of Traditional Healing and introducing Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Two teachers will provide insights into our biological, mental and spiritual faculties, and how to pursue a life of wellbeing in our daily lives:

~ Imam Afroz Ali ~

Imam Afroz Ali is the President as well as the scholar in-residence at Al-Ghazzali Centre. His teachings in the sciences of law, theology and spirituality provides a balanced and holistic pathway for spiritually virtuous living.

~ Ustadha Angela Rodgers ~

Ustadha Angela Rodgers, who comes from a Chinese heritage, is an avid student of the Sacred Sciences under the tutelage of Imam Afroz Ali, and is completing her practising certification in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is currently also completing studies in Theology and Hanafi Fiqh at Al-Ghazzali Centre.


The program will:

– Provide a detailed analysis and advice on the importance of organic and ethical eating, as well as how to progressively transition towards spiritual eating;

– Highlight ethical concerns as well as spiritual corruption in the food production industry and what to avoid for overall wellbeing;

– Explain the disadvantages of allopathic medicinal intervention and why a more holistic treatment, including osteopathic and homeopathic healing, is necessary to overall wellbeing;

– Provide details of naturopathic and traditional healing, as well as ways to attain holistic health for overall wellbeing;

– Explain the nature of spiritual diseases and their connection to physical and intellectual imbalance, and ways to counter these imbalances towards a transformed life of virtuous living.


Event Details

Date: 5th – 6th November, 2016
Time: 10am – 5pm both days (registration opens at 9.30am)
Address: Multi-Faith Centre, Building N35, Griffith University, 170 Kessels Rd, Nathan QLD
Parking: Free parking available on campus and in Carpark (Building N38)
Cost: FREE
Registration: Online (go to the REGISTER button and click, press enter, etc. )