Message from Mufti of Australia to Muslim Youth

muftiThe Grand Mufti of Australia, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammad, has given a message to the Muslim youth of Australia urging steadiness, and to obtain their sacred learnings and practice of religion from recognised sheiks who lead at mosques in the Australian community. “Google Sheiks” and “Youtube Sheiks” are not authentic and misleading, says the Grand Mufti. The Grand Mufti also emphasises that Islam only presents good for all who live here.

Message from Mufti of Australia to Muslim Youth

You are an essential element of our Australian nation. You are not a foreigners. You were born here. You were raised upon the richness of this nation, in its lap. Remember that Australia presented you, your parents and grandparents with all good. You should respond to this love with love. Protect its security and safety. Abide by its laws. These laws were legislated to protect you and your families. Beware of extremist propaganda and terrorism. Such is a path to death and loss. Beware of the calls of extremism causing you to feel alienated. Otherwise, this could then lead you to actions that stain your religion and community.

Do not learn your religion from ‘Sheikh’ Google or ‘Sheikh’ YouTube. They are imposters and untrustworthy. Take your knowledge from reputable sources and scholars who are experts in their field. Such scholars who have studied at Azhar University or similar institutions of Islamic learning. They are the trustworthy scholars. Know well that Australia is your nation and it is the future of your children. Reciprocate this beauty to your nation with development, generosity, loyalty and affiliation.

As for my message to the wider Australian society, then I would like to say the following.

Given that we are all loyal to this nation and love this land that has gathered us all from different parts of the world, I would like to stress to you, the fellow people of our Australian society, that Islam only presents good for you and this entire world. Its Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, is the brother of all previous prophets and messengers. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon them all.

The message of Muhammad was, and still is, a mercy to the entire universe. It has afforded us Muslims a collection of hearts that love every creature of God. It has also granted us an awareness that is open to all. It gave us minds that hold great ideas, which in cooperation with all political representatives as well as religious leaders, can work to protect society from evils that affect us all. Some of the greatest challenges we face include drug abuse, domestic violence, extremism, terrorism, family breakdowns and environmental pollution (physically and morally).

From time to time, misguided voices rise to the surface, reeking of racism and hatred. They seek to portray Islam in a bad light, blaming Muslims for extremism and racism. These irresponsible voices do not realise that we are all aboard the same ship. We must all work to protect this ship and that which it contains. It is an ignorant person who desires to make a hole in this ship in order for it to sink, or wishes to burn it down. We must all be weary of the pens that spread division, and the voices that convey hatred and racism, seeking to create a war between you and Muslims.

We must firmly believe that as long as our culture progresses, we must increase in our desire of acceptance. The more we come closer to one another, the more we love one another as human beings. Protecting our civil liberties, multiculturalism, and our many faiths is the only way for us to increase in our understanding of one another. In this way, Australia will be the leader in societal harmony. Together, we will be able to overcome the calls of extremism, racism and hatred. Together, we can build a bright future for the next generation. We can make Australia the leading example of a loving and peaceful society.