New South Wales: Meeting at Parliament House

nsw-hinduReligions for Peace NSW Branch meets regularly at Parliament House in Sydney, hosted by the Hon. Walt Secord. During 2016, the theme of the meetings is the structure of the participant religions. This makes for an engaging dialogue session.




  Meeting today at Parliament House of NGO Religions for Peace(PfP) . Continuing our talks on Structure, Professor Raja Jayaraman presented a fascinating overview followed by Vijai Singal on the History of Hindus in Australia. We thank our Host, The Hon. Walt Secord. Missing are Mohini Gunesakera, Ajmer Gill, and Jeremy Jones who were unable to attend.

Fr Patrick McInerney enjoyed the discussion on Hinduism at today’s meeting of Religions for Peace, NSW. Thanks to Prof Raja Jayaraman, Vijai Singhal and Robert Grant. Thanks to Josie Lacey for chairing the meeting.