Uniting Climate Conference: Faith in a Better Future

Uniting Climate Conference: Faith in a Better FutureThe Uniting Church has a long tradition of environmental concern and action. The Uniting Climate Faith in a Better Future Conference aims to bring Uniting Church and wider community members together in shared concern for a better future.

Why is it needed?

Australia has taken some positive steps recently, but we are still falling short of what is required to ensure a safe climate future for all.

Global warming is causing harm now with more serious threats in future. It also presents an enormous opportunity to shift to a more sustainable world. How we respond will be decisive for which path we take.

We know the harmful impacts of extreme climate change are not shared equally. Those who have contributed least to the problem are often most vulnerable. We must address this.

The Faith in a Better Future conference is a chance to share mutual support and build common purpose in climate action.

We’ll hear about the impacts global warming is already having, including for our Pasifika neighbours, First Nations peoples, those in rural areas, and our young people. But we won’t stop there.

Importantly, we’ll also focus on solutions and action. We’ll be informed about steps we need to take to ensure a safer climate future for all, and we’ll consider and decide how we can best contribute to those steps happening, individually and collectively. This work will shape our Uniting Climate advocacy strategy in the lead up to the next federal election.

Uniting Climate Conference Agenda

The keynote sessions and afternoon plenary will be livestreamed for those joining online.

Workshops are divided into dedicated online and face-to-face workshop streams to make sure everyone is able to get involved. Those who are able are encouraged to come in-person as there will be food and refreshments provided for free.

Workshops will take place over two sessions with three options to choose from per session. Take a look at the full program of the two streams by clicking the links (including more details about the workshops and speaker bios):

Date and time:
Sat 11th May 2024, 9:00 am – 4:30 pm AEST
Online/Centre For Ministry – The Uniting Church in Australia
16 Masons Dr, North Parramatta NSW 2151, Australia

Register ← Click (opens in new window)

Online Program: https://www.unitingclimate.org/2024/04/22/uniting-climate-conference-online-program/

In-Person Program: https://www.unitingclimate.org/2024/04/22/in-person-program/

Conference Outline

Participant arrival and registration (8.30am)

Morning Session (sharp 9.00am start)

  • Welcome to Country – Julie Jones Webb Dharug Knowledge Holder
  • Opening prayer/reading – Rev Meredith Williams
  • Introduction to conference: Outline, purpose and what to expect – Alice Salomon
  • Welcome/ Why the Uniting church cares about the environment/climate action and stands with vulnerable people – Rev Faaimata Havea Hiliau, Moderator of the NSW.ACT Synod
  • Keynote Address: Uniting for Climate Justice – Miriam Lyons (Sunrise Project)
  • Special Guest Video Addresses: Senator David Pocock, Bill McKibben (350.0rg)
  • Young Climate Changemakers Panel: Grace Vegesana (AYCC), Hayden Charles  (UAICC), Raul Sugunananthan (Uniting Assembly), Rosaline Parker (Young Women’s Pacific Collective)

In-Person Workshop Session 1 (11.30am-12.30pm) – Choose 1

  • The Real Cost of Climate Change: How Climate Change Worsens Disadvantage – Nirmal Joy (Sydney Community Forum)
  • Climate Justice is First Nations Justice: What Real Allyship Looks Like – Hayden Charles (UAICC)
  • Love Our Neighbours: Pacific Leadership on Climate Advocacy – Joseph Sikulu (350 Pacific)

Online Workshop Session 1 (11.30am-12.30pm) – Choose 1

  • Climate Conversations: How to talk about climate change Ken Enderby (Climate for Change)
  • Shifting to a regenerative world: opportunities and challenges for regional communities – Lizzie Webb (The Next Economy)
  • Building community resilience to climate disasters -Dr Kim Loo and Dr Lai Heng Foong (Doctors for the Environment Aust)

Lunch break 

In-Person Workshop Session 2 (1.30-2.30pm) – Choose 1

  • Climate Conversations: How to talk about climate change Ken Enderby (Climate for Change)
  • Climate impacts on our health (and what we can do about it) – Dr Kim Loo and Dr Lai Heng Foong (Doctors for the Environment Aust)
  • Climate Action: What does faith add? – Gawaine Powell Davies (ARRCC)

Online Workshop Session 2 (1.30-2.30pm) – Choose 1

  • Fair Fast and Inclusive!: What does a ‘Just Transition’ Really Mean? –
    Rochelle Braaf (ACOSS)
  • Farmers for Climate Action – Peter Holding (Farmers for Climate Action)
  • Climate Justice is First Nations Justice: What Real Allyship Looks Like – Scott Wilson (Gevolve Solutions)

Uniting Climate Action Snapshot 

Uniting Church Climate action Snapshot (Assembly Resourcing Unit, Uniting World, Synod of NSW.ACT, Forest Advocacy Ministry, Uniting Advocacy Strategy Proposal

Afternoon Tea Break 

Reflection Discernment and Action Planning Session 

Final words, Benediction and Close (4.45pm)


Uniting Climate Conference: Faith in a Better Future


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