PM condemns actions of balaclava-clad neo-Nazis after swarming Sydney train

Balaclava clad neo-nazis at North Sydney railway station

According to NSW Police the group consisted of approximately 61 people.(AAP)

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has condemned the actions of a group of neo-Nazis, who wore black balaclavas while brandishing Australian flags when they swarmed a Sydney train on Friday, as “shocking” and having “no role in Australia”

The group of about 60 hooded men were seen at Artarmon station just before midday on Friday.”

“I was horrified by those images,” Albanese told reporters on Saturday, before warning of a rise in neo-Nazi activity in Australia. “I say to these people, quite frankly, have a good look at yourself.

Six people have been arrested and 57 infringement notices issued after a group of men wearing all black, including balaclavas, sparked a police operation in North Sydney on Friday.

A train travelling into the CBD abruptly terminated at North Sydney Station due to the operation, which started about 11.30am after police were notified the group had boarded a train at Artarmon.

A large police presence, including officers from the riot squad, cleared the station and waited for the group of “approximately 61 people” to arrive.

They were then confined to a handful of carriages.

“The group all had their faces concealed and were carrying a number of items, including shields and a flag,” NSW Police said in a statement.

“The items were seized by police. During the operation, police removed members of the group individually to collect their details and issue a move-on order.”


balaclava clad neo nazis on Sydney train
The operation began at 11.30am on Friday morning.(Supplied: Jase Kerr)

Members of the group also produced a banner referencing a Neo-Nazi group.

The operation led to Sydney buses diverting services to the Pacific Highway, missing up to two stops.

Witness Jase Kerr was on the same train heading to Australia Day celebrations in the city after getting on at Chatswood.


Balaclava Clad neo nazis at North Sydney

Premier Chris Minns has condemned the actions of the men.(ABC News: Ethan Rix)

Not long into his trip he noticed the train switch onto another track and slow down, and was eventually told it would be terminating.

He said the carriage was half-full of men wearing all black.

“From what I could see, it looked as though the carriage was half full of them, when I saw them,” he said.

“You could see police questioning them … I felt that I’m going to have to watch my step here, if these guys did get aggravated or that they could potentially get violent.

“I was cautious, there was a bit of fear there.”


Police and Neo Nazis at North Sydney railway station
NSW Police say there was no threat to the public.(Supplied: Jase Kerr)


Police at North Sydney and Neo Nazis
There is still a strong police presence.(ABC News: Courtney Barrett Peters)

After leaving the train station, the group congregated at nearby St Peters Park where they started chanting racial slurs and sharing anti-vaccination comments— and singing.

However, they were soon dispersed by police.

In a statement, Premier Chris Minns condemned the actions of the men.

“Normal people don’t celebrate Australia Day with a balaclava on,” he said.

“Due to great police work millions of Aussies were able to celebrate and come together without a potentially ugly confrontation.

“There is absolutely no tolerance for this behaviour.”

The operation concluded just after 4pm and two of the men arrested have since been released.

Police say their investigation into the incident is ongoing.


Police presence at North Sydney railway station - taking neo nazis away

The men have been led away from the train station by police.(ABC News: Ethan Rix)

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