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Ecumenical Institute at Bossey

Applications are open for the Ecumenical Institute at Bossey’s 2024 interfaith summer course, during which students earn a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Interreligious Studies.

A part of the World Council of Churches and attached to the University of Geneva, the Ecumenical Institute offers three distinct study programmes on the graduate level.

The content of the teaching is focused on the challenges for the churches in the 21st century and the responses given through the modern ecumenical movement. The methodology is a combination of academic teaching and experiential learning.

Bringing together young people from Jewish, Christian, and Muslim communities, the theme of this years course is People and Faith on the Move: Migration in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.” The distance learning component of the course runs from 8-26 July, followed by a residential period taking place 29 July-16 August.

The interreligious course aims to enhance students’ understanding of the Abrahamic religions and heighten their awareness of global migration, a critical issue in todays world. 

The question of migration is intricately tied to the ongoing refugee situations, where millions are displaced due to conflicts, wars, fear, and lack of basic necessities like safety, food, and shelter. However, migration extends beyond just aiding those identified as refugees; its closely connected to the stark reality of global inequality. Migration symbolizes the persistence of hope, and faith within religious traditions, can serve as a vehicle to sustain this hope.

Designed to address issues of religious diversity and intercultural collaboration in a society shaped by migration and globalization, the course targets a global demographic of young individuals (ages between 20 to 35) who are interested in and actively participating in interfaith dialogues. This includes religious leaders, students, laypeople, and professionals with an appropriate level of religious literacy, or experience in the realm of interfaith dialogue and engagement, particularly within the context of the three Abrahamic religions.

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Ecumenical Institute at Bossey
The Ecumenical Institute at Bossey


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